All it takes is one leader and others will follow

All we need is one leader! One courageuos leader. One strong, influencial and persistent leader. One that dares telling the truth and take action with it. One that does not worry about eventual bad polls or elections that follows impopular decisions and laws. A leader that dares to execute radical and immediate laws that will force us all into a u-turn. We need laws and restrictions, guidelines and encouragements in order to change our lifestyles because we are human beings.

Humans are selfish creatures and as such need boundaries. That´s how sad and simple it is. No matter how many facts and figures that come out the average person will not take that to his or her heart. We can only set examples but they will only reach our nearest and dearest, to change our everyday life patterns. We can´t tell climate crise deniers what they have to do and believe.

Who will make the first move? You will be remembered, more than just to your next election round, more than the grass-root protest of the young generation that are about to take over our failure. How dare you sit back and wait – for what? Step forward and show some guts! If you start – others will follow! Collecting short-term votes does not take you to history!


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