Changing our lifestyles

It´s all very confusing and yet very simple. We´ve got to pull the handbreak. We´ve got to look at ourselves and our consumption behaviours. If not – no point in carrying on having families, dreams, fun, passing this beautiful planet on to the coming generations. It would be a bit dumb to stop civilization now wouldn´t it?

So what can we do? First of all keeping it simple, understandable. It doesn´t have to be rocket science that explains to us and confuses, creates anxiety and possibly just makes us go the ostrich way. Whoever counts self into the small elite that has got a brain that analyses everyday life consumption into calculation models, set up by mathematic scientists put your hand up! I can´t do it.  But I can comprehend that we are too many on sharing the resources of the world. In words, not figures.

So let´s talk about it, think twice before we get carried away, shopping as if we had 3 or 4 planets and just use the common sense. Exchange ideas and fears in a most ordinary way? Who is in?  Let´s take it down to a decent level, starting with ourselves, welcome to #changingourlifestyles and big THANKS for your contribution!



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